The Challenge

Show after show, project after project, clients are forced to rely on word-of-mouth to fill costuming positions. Word-of-mouth recommendations can often be unreliable:

  • ‘How do I know that they are as skilled as I need them to be?’
  • ‘How will I find someone within my budget?’
  • ‘How can I find someone with such a niche talent?’
  • ‘How can I get someone at such short notice?’

Many a designer, costume supervisor, or production manager has asked themselves these questions while attempting to hire a costume team.

At The Tiring House, we provide a solution.



The Solution

The Tiring House is an innovative resource that offers solutions to these questions and eliminates the need to rely on word-of-mouth. With hundreds of uniquely skilled artisans in our community across the UK, we provide a single, consolidated resource for clients to find artisans who are readily available and have the required skills.

The Tiring House makes finding the right costume team simple and reliable.

Using our costume expertise, we create tailored matches between clients and artisans and offer complete flexibility: we will find someone who suits your schedule, price, time frame, and location.

We create matches using a carefully honed points-based rating system to organise our artisans.

This system reflects our artisans’ skill-level, reliability, portfolio images, and references, and eliminates the risk of questionable quality.

We at The Tiring House know how hectic production schedules are, so we will do the work for you to find your perfect costume artisan match.

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