The Challenge

There are few things as frustrating as not being given enough time or compensation to execute a project. While designers, directors, and actors have access to agents who can negotiate and assemble contracts, costume artisans are left to their own devices in these matters. With no nation-wide guidance on how much an artisan should be paid, artisans are often undercompensated or given unreasonable deadlines for their highly skilled work.


The Tiring House’s solution to this problem provides you as an artisan with security and protection.


At The Tiring House, we provide a solution.



The Solution

The Tiring House provides the services of an agent to costume artisans, an important step towards regulating standards of practice in the costume industry. We act as a contract mediator on behalf of you as an artisan and endeavour to secure you reasonable working conditions and compensation. 


The Tiring House helps bring your work to a wider audience, matching you with hundreds of clients across the UK to create exciting projects.


Since we at The Tiring House have worked both as designers and as makers, we understand our artisans’ work on a level that is rare in most agencies. We represent costume artisans of all experience levels and give support to emerging artisans as they gain traction in the industry.


Join the Tiring House to progress your career and improve our industry as a whole.


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